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New Hope

Dear Brother,

I want to give you some information and in addition to this I would also entrust some prayer requests to you. Looking back to our past period I have a grateful heart recognizing experiences, miracles which the Lord has done among us. Thank you for your prayers and support you were taking part in our ministry with. Don’t hesitate to keep on praying in the future.

Our church kept on growing in numbers as well as in its ministries last year (2006). The membership of our community has increased by 30 percent. By God’s grace the church which started with ten people now has 72 members, we give thanks to Him. Brothers and sisters who received Jesus in the first years have gone through difficult faith trials and struggles. These trials have hardened them, so their faith with ours has been tried. Most of them have seen that it is not enough to help somebody to the cross; they have to lead them on in counselling until the infant who needs feeding can actually feed themselves as a disciple. This ministration requires a lot of patience and love. Still, this is one of the greatest tasks regardless of all hardship because to see growth, to experience miracles or the first prayers were answered, to watch life changes are heart warming moments testifying the greatness and love of God. In the meantime, some of the older Christians have grown mature.

Two new groups have been added to our five earlier home groups, this also means growing in the number of leaders. So decisions concerning the church are made in a team of these seven co-workers. There are various coordinators of different ministries beside the home group leaders. So the governance and administration of the church works in 3 levels (Pastor-home group-coordinator)
Unfortunately beside growth we had to weep over a brother whose membership was suspended because of his behaviour since after he was cautioned several times in love he would refuse to change.

We had happy moments as well: 4 weddings and 2 child presentations. This year we are happy about four other children. I hope to see men become appointed elders and deacons in the first half of 2008. Preparation for this has already been started.

Among ministries I can talk about the growth of children ministry, club ministry, evangelist ministry, worship ministry and intercession ministry. It gives us much pleasure that university ministry has grown as well (ESC ESM, Evangelical Student Circles for the Evangelical Student Mission). We have kept 3 bigger evangelical occasions since last autumn on University of Debrecen, about 600 hundred young people have taken part, but we managed to reach much more. To see a broader interdenominational movement for the university mission, we’d like to have a separate website for this. For further information visit www.ujremeny.hu

We went on with our Smile Clubs, we have shared some biblical messages with children and their parents within confines of musical plays. The plays were created by the school teachers of the church and acted out by our members, they have even created and written songs for them. The traditional day-boarder camps link to the children ministry. Last year we had about forty kids in a school building rented by the church. So this year we want to help parents who bring their children up alone or those who have problems placing their children for a week in the summer.

I am glad that brothers and sisters in our congregation have understood the Bible doesn’t appreciate a selfish life but a helpful hearty Christianity. Therefore most of the members are active participants in church ministries.

We have shared the fact that God has a plan with all people within confines of town unity. He loves and seeks man. Whoever searches for him can actually find Him. By his son everybody can be forgiven and have a free and abundant life. This is why Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead. In Debrecen Plaza we had concerts at 16 nights, besides the main square we had 3 other venues with programs. Our joint ministry has been crowned by the Christmas Gospel concert which was held in the new Conference hall of the town in front of the audience of 1000 people. There is a special joy and gratitude in my heart because my mother received Jesus that night.

We prepared for a new baptismal service at Pentecost; five new people joined Christ in confessing baptism.

Finally let me offer our new website www.ujremeny.hu

We ask you to pray:

  • Church would grow in faith, hope, and love and in numbers.
  • Elders and deacons to be grown and recognized.
  • University ministry would be widened to high schools and to other towns.
  • Home groups to be proliferated, ministries and their leaders (coordinators) to become stronger.
  • Those who have weakened in their faith to become stronger or to repent.
  • In question of building a new house to have a God-measured step of solution, faith, and miracle.
  • Unity in town would be strengthened and broadened by the will of God.
  • A balance in personal, family and ministry life.


I wish the blessings of the Lord upon your life, ministry and family.

Thank you for your support and love for us:


Pastor Sándor Tóth

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